I Hit My Boyfriend, Now What Do I Do?

If he hits you please dont run to a blog and get advice, take into consideration what lead as much as it. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years and 10 months. This year has been the worst 12 months for us. In the past two months he hit me twice.

  • If you feel that dangerous about it, go volunteer at a ladies’s shelter where real rape victims are or those abused by asshole boyfriends.
  • I had been residing with my girlfriend for a while and we even had a daughter.
  • Deal with real problems not made up ones.
  • I ended up falling asleep but I woke up the subsequent morning to her giving me a blow job.
  • But we received into a vicious argument one night time and I actually thought we had been through.

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Do you assume the same if the person is being an annoying prick? I wouldn’t hit both but if I cannot think about a traditional relationship attending to that time of someone stressing you out a lot until both people aren’t having good communication. Listen to me rigorously, you need to dump this jerk fairly fast and in a rush. You did not do something too trigger him to hit you,and he just used that as an excuse.

Three days later my grandpa past away. He supportive but i used to be afraid of him. About three weeks later as we have been driving to a live performance we started arguing ,i went to the again seat to cry as a result of i couldn’t handle his awful words anymore. As he was driving he reached to the again seat hit me across my face a pair occasions and grabbed my hair and shook my head. I needed to leap off the automobile and die in the fwy.

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Plus, he is never hit me and by no means will, so why would I do that to him. Problems ought to be solved by way of communication, not violence. I’m unsure that I would even slap him if he cheated on me. You can never nostringsattached site take again what you’ve got said. Abusive relationships go two methods, and you’re in one.

Ask your self this, if you were too stay with him might this occur again? Abusive relationships all the time start out like this,and only get worst in time. Tell your Mom are Dad what he did too you,then have them get a restraining order in opposition to him. Don’t take his calls,or communicate too him for any reason ever again. And do me a favor,get some help from a therapist so that you will study what too look for in a man any more.

Take a while and be part of a gym, focus on tasks, do things that just make you feel whole and nice. If you actually want to feel useful and like you have a place on the planet, be part of a soup kitchen or volunteer at a homeless shelter or a senior living facility. Some men hit their girlfriends because they’ll. Because the women don’t get up for themselves. I know it may be scary to do that, but you need to believe to stand up to him.